financial consultant
Fred Martynov
I help to put things in order in personal and family finances, give advice on investments, take capital into management.

+7-913-134-5562 (WA, Tg)

I will answer questions about personal / family financial planning, I will give links and recommendations
I will take capital into management with a yield of 5% to 80% per annum in $ (not financial pyramids and trading, but honest INVESTMENT)
I will help to create an investment portfolio
I will share investment ideas
Prices for my services
Here are the prices for the main types of services.
Consultations 1-2 hours, at the agreed place or on-line. Answering questions, sketching, planning.
Free introductory consultation by phone or video link 15 minutes.
Consulting "Personal/Family finance"
Consulting "Investing"
Formation of an investment portfolio for your tasks
from 100$
Capital for management
from 6% per year
(included in the capital amount)
Examples of investment portfolios:
Задача - сохранить и приумножить с минимальными рисками. Горизонт - 3-5 лет. Доходность выше банковской.
Чтобы регулярно получать пассивный доход в размере средней реально необходимой зарплаты. Дивидендная и купонная стратегия.
Акции, IPO, pre-IPO, фьючерсы. Доходность до 80%+ в $. Возможные временные просадки до 30%.
Do not be shy contact me:
Фёдор Мартынов
personal finance and investment consultant
Phone: +7-913-134-5562 (WA, Tg)
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